Internet as text in the classroom is becoming more and more common for educators. It is a new generation and we must adapt to the things that are second nature to them. Using internet in the classroom helps to keep the students engaged and more involved. Since I am planning on becoming a high school history teacher, given the technology, I would find it very easy to incorporate internet into my class. A large portion of learning history and finding out information about past, present, or future events is doing a lot of research.

Research is all about reading through reliable and respected sources to retain information. Many research databases are now online. For instance a lot of academic and historical novels, journals, and books are now scanned online in databases so that anyone can access them. The more the “library” becomes an online assortment of knowledge the easier it will be to apply internet as text in my classroom. As a historian and an educator it is pretty easy to identify what needs to be done in order to get internet into the classroom. First, there needs to be readily available technology in the classrooms. Second, when more reliable, proofread, researched, and peer reviewed work is made accessible online the easier it will be to apply that into a classroom setting.

Below I have included a tutorial on how to analyze a website.


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