Learning & Creating Online — ORMS 4

The creation or construction of online learning materials is becoming increasingly popular. The new age of education is moving towards using technology to help advance the practice of learning new material and away from pencil and paper. At first the terminology of “online creation and construction” and “create and construct online” sounded very simple yet very confusing. After checking out my professor’s explanation page, which is linked below, it began to make more sense as I broke it down step by step. I will definitely try to incorporate creation of online material in my classroom in order to inspire or create that construction from the students. When you give the students the “infrastructure” to create something there are no limits to what I believe a classroom can achieve. In today’s education system I think putting to use that old school style of teaching but twisted with the new DNA of technology will allow online construction and creation of content very interesting to see going forward.

Construction and/or Creation of Online Content

What challenges occur when students are empowered to create online “text” and share globally with others?

Creating online “text” and being able to share it with the whole world through the click of a button is really a scary thing. Even in the people in the spotlight have a hard time using the internet for “good” rather than “evil” so to speak. For instance presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t know which email to use to, and Team USA basketball player Draymond Green doesn’t know which button to press to keep his private parts off the internet. Think about what kinds of trouble a high school aged student could get him/herself into when they are encouraged to share with the world their ideas. What if the students “text” is interpreted differently? That can turn around and be spun to mean something completely different than the student meant. How do we know, as teachers, whose ideas are being put into the creation of online material when working in groups? Technology and working together online is somewhat of a foreign idea in high school classrooms. The teachers of this generation are the guinea pigs for technology and advancing education through online content, but there are sure to be many difficult challenges and obstacles to overcome as we play around with educating our students using technology.


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