What does “text” do for you?

The word text can mean a lot of different things. It can mean anything  from “texting” your friends, which is enjoyable, to reading a “text” for class tomorrow which is not as enjoyable. I would define text as a form of written work that can represent, describe, or inform one of a specific topic, institution, or instruction. Text comes in many different forms. For example it could be numbers, letters, or symbols.

Below is the vine I did for class to show examples of text, and of course the best form of text is the Duncan St. sign because after all my name is Austin Duncan 😀

Now the real question is this: What does this mean for literacy practices in the classroom?

When we think of “text” in a classroom it automatically triggers thoughts of a professor making you read some boring passage from a book and then him leading a discussion of it. Or even worse it might bring back memories of a mono-tone professor reading off of PowerPoint’s. With the use of technology such as Vine and Instagram it can make something very boring seem very interesting.

My vine is the perfect example. If I were to write down a description of The College of Charleston and compare it with the 8 second video I made the video would definitely give you a better feel for what I was trying to describe. The difference is that Vine has video, which is more entertaining, and text. Simple pen and paper text can be very dry and boring at times, but when you use technology such as videos to SHOW text it can bring it to life in a whole new way. You can easily translate this into the classroom by incorporating video and technology into your class so your students can use visual and auditory learning while also gaining interest in a certain subject because it now seems more fun and less like work.


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