Working Collaboratively — ORMS 2

Education is moving towards more technology based teaching. When students work collaboratively in the classroom, or online, I agree that it leads to great learning experiences. When the students collaborate they essentially are teaching each other instead of listening to a teacher drone on about whatever the subject may be. Working together presents some difficult obstacles. It sounds great to have your students work together and teach each other, but how often is every student in that group providing a helping hand? As a teacher, I am not 100% sure on how I would go about finding a solid way to monitor whether or not each member has put forth ideas and helped with the collaboration. I agree that by linking students together they can learn more and teach each other more, it will be difficult to motivate those “slackers” who want to get an A by making Susan and Sally do all the work. When students are committed to learning online collaboration can be an amazing tool because you can access the information whenever you want to, and you can link ideas with people all across the world. As a student I love to work in groups, but it can create problems. Any thoughts on how to make online collaborative learning run smoothly?

I like the example that JSB showed with the surfers and how they used the video camera along with brainstorming to develop new surf moves. If you can translate that into the academic field as they have done at the College Prep high school in Oakland, then I think great strides can be made in online collaborative learning.


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